Our Hotel is a perfect place for a whole family, to be enjoyed by both adults and children. Our youngest Guests love the small pool with a water slide. We also offer swimming lessons taught by qualified instructors. Our swimming pool is both safe and fun.

Adults can use a bigger swimming pool with hydro massage. Its incredible appearance is a bonus – it resembles a vast blue lake lost among rocks. The exotic, colourful fish in the wall aquariums give complement its unique feel. Swimming under the waterfall nearby, you will feel like in a real ocean with coral reefs.

Our Guests can also enjoy other forms of water entertainment. We offer hydro massages in the hot tub, relaxation sessions in the steam bath or healthy visits to the saunas. With the wide range of possibilities, everyone will find a treatment and entertainment to enjoy. 

We guarantee that our swimming pools meet all the physicochemical and microbiological requirements defined in the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Health of 9 November 2015. The water is regularly tested and treated to make sure your stay is not only pleasant and comfortable but also healthy. 

For families and not only.

Our Hotel swimming pool in Zakopane is a perfect leisure option not just for couples or families with children. We recommend our water and sauna zone to anyone. Swimming in the pool, taking a dip in the hot tub, or visiting a sauna or a steam bath is a perfect opportunity to relax and regenerate, e.g. for participants of the conferences, business negotiations, symposia, congresses and company meetings held in our Hotel. After a whole day of discussions, presentations and speeches a warm swimming pool, a hydro massage and a sauna will help the Guests relieve the stress and relax, both physically and mentally. The moments spent in the water will visibly improve their mood.

Advantages of the water and sauna zone of the Hotel with a swimming pool

A stay in the Water and Sauna Centre of Hotel Belvedere in Zakopane not only helps the Guests relax and puts them in good mood but also helps improve their health and appearance. Make sure to try our attractions. It is an incredibly pleasant way to regenerate your body. The aromatic herbal oils in our bath soothe the nerves and the warm steam improves the moisture level and blood flow of your skin. Finnish sauna removes toxins, reduces cellulite and rejuvenates the body.

Aside from the water and sauna zone, you can use the services of our SPA Centre. Professional treatments and rituals will instantly moisturise, nourish and rejuvenate your skin. With modern equipment and exclusive cosmetics, every Guest will feel special. A visit to the Water and Sauna Centre and the SPA Centre in our Hotel is a perfect idea for a bachelorette party, a weekend outing with a friend or a romantic stay for two. 

Visit Hotel Belvedere in Zakopane. We guarantee unforgettable memories of relax and entertainment, hoping that our Guests will recall them often and with pleasure.