If you want to meet your employees outside of work, choose one of our Zakopane teambuilding events. You will have an opportunity to see how your team behaves in other than daily work situations – when faced with unforeseen circumstances and required to take initiative.

Such events reveal the true nature and the actual predispositions of every team member.

The event starts with a short official part, followed by the entertainment part, where you will have fun and experience an incredible adventure under the supervision of professional instructors, who are Tatra Mountain guides, mountain rescuers, and instructors from the Polish Skiing Association and the Polish Alpinism Association.

You can pick the teambuilding game, competition or sport of your choice.

You can choose for instance:

  • Professional climbing
  • A cavemen expedition where participants can demonstrate unusual skills
  • A robber and commando field game testing the unity of the group, resourcefulness and team play
  • Search for Enchanted Princess or Lost Chest, encounter with Trolls to test creativity in the face of unforeseen turns of events
  • Paintball tournaments to show your strategy skills and courage
  • Eskimo games to invoke the spirit of rivalry
  • Jungle gym to test fitness at an unconventional obstacle course.


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