We are proud to say children feel in our Hotel at home and they are often the ones to persuade their parents to stay here. With their joy at heart, we have launched the Trip Kids Zone programme, which involves a number of attractions and amenities: special Spa treatments, a play room, winter holiday, summer holiday and long weekend options with a comprehensive entertainment plan and many more.

A conference or a business meeting in Hotel Belvedere does not have to mean being away from your family because you can take your child with you and our experienced kids entertainers will take care of it during your conference.

The activities within the Trip Kids Zone are addressed to children over the age of 4. Younger children may also participated but under the supervision of their parents.

Our Hotel also offers a number of amenities that will make your stay with a child really comfortable. You can have a cot, a baby bath, a step stool, a high chair available upon request. The restaurants have menus for children, and buffets include food dedicated specifically to them. The restaurants have also bottle warmers.